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CF151: And Also With Your Spirit

December 12, 2011 Episodes, Front Catalog 2 Comments

In this episode: homemade gifts, making soap, household cleaner, grocery bag holder, the 5 best toys of all time, chicken coops, green onions, bankrupt churches, the new missal, A book of Saints for Catholic Moms. Call our comment line at  936-228-1836 or email us [at] catholicfamilypodcast (dot) com.

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  1. Jenny says:

    I wonder how your parish is going about asking for money. Every parish I have ever been around completely beats around the bush when asking for money. They spend a lot of time talking about “time, talent, and treasure” and “making prayerful decisions” which leads a not insignificant number of families to drop in a five-spot instead of a dollar bill and feel proud of their support of the parish. For once I would love for the financial appeal to have real numbers. Saying our monthly budget is X, we have Y families so that equals Z dollars per family. There should be a real emphasis on ability to contribute for those families that can donate enough to cover several families and lots of reassurance for those families that cannot contribute $Z. But at least putting a number on it gives people a way to evaluate how their own giving supports the parish.

    I know in my parish my family is probably in the top 10% of givers but far, far, far from the top 10% of income. I’m not bragging–I wish we could give more–but it is indicative how most people do not run the numbers to see where they should be. It is like a good percentage of Catholics think the tooth fairy is going to pay the electric bill.

    • David says:


      Thanks for your comments! Yes, we have told the parish explicitly that each family needs to contribute $23 per week every week, or we won’t make our budget. We’re past the point of subtle hints. I found your comment about giving to the church although you’re not in the top 10% of income (our situation as well) to be the rule rather than the norm. You might take a few minutes to read the following story which Allyson came across last week. I think you’ll like it: http://www.1timothy4-13.com/files/chr_vik/richestfamily.html

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