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CF160: Chicken Plucker

March 28, 2013 Episodes, Feature, Front Catalog 2 Comments

In this episode: the best daddy in the world, chicken plucker, mattie moment, Sweet Brown Cold Pop Escape, CCE field trip, papal lap book, cheap date, mailbag: Chad asks about the recent Boy Scouts of America controversy, Allyson’s book, twaddle

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  1. Josh says:

    Thank you for sharing your life. I enjoyed hearing about your Catholic family. I am going to listen to some more. I look forward to hearing more new ones as your family has time. Peace be with you.

    He has risen!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Hey Catholic Family,
    I just started listening today and loved this podcast. Although long time listener to sqpn, I am happy to have a new podcast for my dish doing duty. That is when i get to listen!
    So cheap dates.. I think you asked in this podcast. Which I LOVE!
    We have been very creative over the years. We have 6 or so cards that we chose from when in a”cheap” date place. I will share the ones I remember since I cant find the cards right now. My husband put them on the cards so we could kinda pick from a deck of cards and be surprised although they were cheap.

    1. Mass in the small town just west of us that we love the priest! Then a long evening bikeride on the trails. Followed by sharing an icecream cone. ( eat dinner first at home)
    2. Mass and confession on a Saturday night then borrow a friends roller skates and skate through the park… trying to stay close to one another. Followed by a smoothie
    3. Picnic, but do it under the stars with food or dessert you would have had with the kids that you packed up special… add a bottle of wine and ask each other “What if..” questions
    4. Sunday we like to make family but once maybe have an early morning mass then breakfast on your porch cooked by the spouse that doesn’t cook as much and then take the 5 love languages quiz and talk about the answers. Love the love languages and it always surprises me.
    5. Not so cheap unless you know the right people… but we like movies under the stars, projected onto the side of the barn! The in-laws have the prjector.. so redbox or netlfix is cheap.. add popcorn and its real cheap!
    Hope you have a blessed day!

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