CF152: The Nativity of the Lord

By |December 25th, 2011|

The Sweeney kids record the Christmas Eve gospel reading from Luke, Chapter 2. It’s poignant that the Sweeney kids did the same reading in 2007 with much smaller voices and minus a little sister (Mattie Claire). It’s interesting to compare their voices.

Music by Jenny Crook from the album

Jenny Crook
“The First Noel” (mp3)
from “Christmas Harp […]


Is Marriage Becoming Obsolete?

By |December 15th, 2011|

I read an article today that cited a Pew Center survey reporting that 40% of Americans believe that the institution of marriage is becoming obsolete. Obsolete! In 1972, the rate of marriage in the United States was 72%. Today, the rate is 51% and projections indicate that married people will be in the minority within several years. The median age of first marriage has increased from around 21 in 1960 to 27.5 today. The new marriage rate (those married within the last 12 months) has decreased from 41 per thousand in 2008 to 37.4 per thousand in 2010. It’s not looking good for the home team, folks! […]

CF150: Thunderwear

By |October 24th, 2011|

In this episode: Trip to Philadelphia, Darlene  at Barklay Prime, Larry at Big Green Earth Store, Building A Chicken Coop Alpine A-Frame,  trees and thunderwear, 180 Holocaust and Abortion,  Congrats to Shelly Henley Kelly and Douglas born Oct. 14.

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Lightning by snowpeak

The Glitch Mob
“Drive […]


CF149: Dry Bones

By |September 16th, 2011|

In this episode: Getting into the swing of the semester, volleyball, scouting, hazardous kid, dove season starts, musical instruments, Allyson’s meltdown, Texas Wildfires,  Review of “The Help”, Whole Family Catechesis.

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Final Song: John Waller: As for Me and My House
John Waller
“As for Me and My House” (mp3)
from “As for […]


So proud

By |September 16th, 2011|

Austin made me so proud of him on Wednesday.

The best part was when two other moms came out and intentionally found me to tell me what a wonderful son I have.Hannah has volleyball practice on Wednesdays in the mornings and this really messes up our homeschool day. What are the other five of us suppose […]