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Splinter of the Mind

February 13, 2011 Blogs, David, Feature 1 Comment

Like most people, I try to relate the Sunday Mass readings  to my life. This week’s readings talk about Jesus coming to fulfill the law. I must confess that I was having trouble finding an application to my life after Saturday night vigil Mass. When I got home, Saturday night started to irritate me more than soothe and relax me.

I didn’t understand at first what was bugging me. “Why is our deacon so boring!” “Why was the Mass so long? Why did our priest  give us a second homily before the final prayer on the necessity of stewardship?” “Why is only 10% of the parish giving for the Diocesan Services Fund? Don’t they understand we have to pay the difference from our savings?” Other questions started popping in my head in rapid succession. “Why can’t people do what they say they are going to do?” “Why are the kids so lazy, unhelpful and mean to each other?” “Why do I bother asking for help around the house?” “Why does everyone take and not give?” “How much longer can I last?” In essence, ” Why is everyone an idiot except me?” And so I went to bed greatly agitated, unable to sleep, thinking about how I could get so far out of center from Jesus. What a pity party. … Continue Reading

CF 134: Oh, Poo!


In this micro-episode of the Catholic Family: Christmas in July, compost pails, berry season, parenting tip, traveling monstrances.

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Picture by Brandi Tejeda Photography

CF 133: Being Catholic In China

Graphic: Txina - China by ~aramaixo

Special Edition of Catholic Family: David interviews a friend from China about being Catholic in China. Email us [at] catholicfamilypodcast [dot] com or call the comment line at 206-339-8993
Graphic: Txina – China by ~aramaixo

CF 131: White Boy Blues


In this episode: Nacho party, Luke sings the blues, Why your phone bill is so high, Adopting a 23 year old, Kathryn’s swim-team pic in the Navasota Examiner,  Austin’s dream, ordination, motto of the bible: Be Prepared,

Music in the episode:
Bach: Allemande in D – Linda Holzer

Final Song: Desmond Pringle: Heaven

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