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March 2011

Getting to Yes

By |March 23rd, 2011|

The title of this article may have misled you. I’m not talking about the well known book Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In. But rather, I want to talk a minute about saying ‘yes’ to your kids. When Kathryn was a little girl, one evening, she had finished her dinner and was asking for a second helping of ice cream for dessert.”No,” I said. “You’ve already had dessert.” Without hesitation, Allyson scooped up another small portion of ice cream into her bowl and gave me one of those looks – you know – a SWMBO look.  Later, I quizzed her. “Why did you give her more ice cream? She already had some.” “Simple,” she replied. “There was no reason to say ‘no.’ The time will come when they are gone, and then you’ll wish you had said ‘yes’ more often.” I was struck dumb. My whole life, I had grown up in a house that said ‘no’ quite a bit. Being told ‘no’ was part of growing up, being mature. In Catholic doctrine, we call it self-mortification and it’s very popular, especially during Lent. Here was a piece of family philosophy that I had never heard of and certainly never believed in. Could she be right? […]

Simple Pleasures

By |March 22nd, 2011|

The kids and I were recently away from the house for a several days.  Away from school work that really should have been done, away from laundry/cooking/cleaning, away from the phone calls, the computer emails and social networks, away from paper work for scouts and church, away from weekly meetings.  We were away from everything.  It was wonderful.  It gave me time to notice the little things like how wonderful my children are.  We were visiting our newest cousin who at the time was only 7 weeks old.  They fussed and awed over him the whole time we were there.  I watched as they fed him, burped him, talked and played with him, and cuddled him as he slept.  They are such loving little people. […]

Lenten Themes In Your Home

By |March 5th, 2011|

Hello dear friends of the Catholic Family Podcast and columns. Greetings as we are about to enter Lent. Each year, blogs and columns and religious shows bring us things to think about or to consider doing for Lent. So I guess I won’t be different – well maybe so.[callout]Church isn’t just a place to go to. Church is a way of life. And the rhythms and cycles of our faith are worth internalizing and helping to break up so our faith walk is ever fresh, ever new. […]

February 2011

A Day of Glass

By |February 28th, 2011|

This was so cool, I just had to put it on the website.

CF 144: The Gauntlet

By |February 28th, 2011|

In this episode:  Texas Independence Day, Kids Cooperating? St. Joseph Altar,  Starting is the Hardest Part, Better Window Cleaner,  The Gauntlet, Mail Bag;  Diana in Mission Viejo.

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Leave Them Alone

By |February 25th, 2011|

Last Monday night was my night off for a couple of hours from the kids and after dinner clean-up.  I play Keeno with a group of women once a month.  We get together and eat, discuss what is going on in our little town, and try to go home with at least one prize.  It’s not so much going home with a prize, but the time with other moms and the couple of hours away from the kids that I enjoy.   That is a subject for another post.

While I was away, David and the two older kids cleaned the kitchen.  Our children love to bake.  While the cleaning was going on, our oldest was discussing plans for her next baking project.  Her brother wanted to help.  David told them that after they finished cleaning the kitchen, they could bake whatever they wanted as long as that got cleaned up as well.  They chose a Brown Butter Soda Bread, a recipe from the Epicurious iPhone application.  I came home to a wonderful smell coming from the oven.  It had rosemary mixed in with pepper on top – yes, pepper.  It had a wonderfully spicy taste.  This is the kind of bread that you bring out when company comes